The amount of matter in an object is called its quizlet

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Mass is the amount of matter present in a body while weight is a measure of how strongly gravity pulls on that matter. Mass is an intrinsic property of the body and remains the same wherever the body might be. Weight is a force, and force is (Mass * Acceleration). The weight of an object is its mass times the acceleration due to gravity. By looking at an object's electromagnetic spectrum, scientists can determine if an object is moving away from Earth or towards Earth. When distant objects, such as quasars, are viewed from Earth, their spectrum is shifted towards red. Whenever there is a shift in a spectrum, it is called a Doppler Shift. If the shift is toward red, the light ...

Physicists also classify matter in a few broad categories, called states, with quite different properties: Solids are material objects made up of molecules and atoms so strongly bonded together A given amount of matter may change from one state to another depending on its temperature and pressure.Answer: The quantity of matter present in an object is called is mass. Explanation: Mass is basically a property of any physical quantity and it is also a the measurement of the resistance to the acceleration when the force is applied on a body. The mass represents the strength of the gravitational force on a body.

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